University of Abertay Dundee


I studied Computer Games Technology at the University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland.

  • I graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in 2007.
  • During 2004-2005, I took part in a year-long Internship at Sanyo in Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
  • My final year thesis was on 'Interacting With Projected Displays'.

Interacting with Projected Displays

PC (2006) C++, OpenCV

Video | Overview Poster | Abstract (.doc) | Thesis (.doc)

My Final year thesis involved the research, planning and creation of a program to enable users to interact with any projected image using only their fingertips - without the need for any equipment on the screen or user.


PC (2005) C++, OpenGL

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Started life as a simple Pong clone, but grew into something more like air hockey.

The codebase was rebuilt from The Governor's engine code, slimming it down by taking only the parts necessary and refining the code that was used.

The Governor

PC (2004) C++, OpenGL

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Written as a group project, from design to prototype, with 5 others, we focused on creating an API independent engine, this version contains only the OpenGL renderer, but a DirectX version was added after the project deadline.

The other members of the team took the engine on to success, winning in the 2004 Dare To Be Digital Competition, with their game, "Pixie Dust".

Components completed by myself are:
Camera (including spring based movement), Particle Engine, Level Editor, AI, Other Gameplay code


PlayStation Net Yaroze (2004) C

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Written to demostrate the 3D APIs of the PlayStation.

You play a purple cube which must roll around the playfield, flipping the ground tiles over (from green to red and back), with the aim of restoring them all to green. The basics are similar to a Lights Out game, but the gameplay is quite different.

Terrain Demo

PC (2004) C++

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A program to generate and deform terrain in realtime, using different methods. Written as part of a class looking into more advanced OpenGL and 3D techniques.

DirectX Demo

PC (2004) C++

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This was written to learn the differences between OpenGL and DirectX, and to gain some more insight into the latter.

Unfortunately the final version has been lost, and so the version presented here is perhaps 1 or 2 refinements prior to completion, Everything works, but it lacks the polish of the final piece.

Action Afro PJ

PlayStation Net Yaroze (2003) C

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