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This page features everything in my portfolio, from university assignments and games developed in my spare time to internationally available console games.
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PC (2013) Unity, C#

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A prototype of a platforming / driving game where you take a dune-buggy up the moving, physical terrain of a giant robot's skeleton as it stomps across the land.

I worked on this prototype mostly alone for around two months, creating a great-feeling responsive control system and testing out ideas for puzzles and challenges. for the third and final month, a team of three artists stepped in to skin the vehicle, environment and add VFX to make the whole thing look fantastic.

Clay Jam

iOS, Android (2012) Unity, C#

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I spent a month as a freelancer with Fat Pebble working on Clay Jam. I was working on the project towards the end, mainly fixing bugs and adding poilish to all parts of the game.

Pier Pressure

Browser (2012) Unity, C#


Made with two friends for the dotBrighton weekend Game Jam as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. The theme for the jam was 'The Sea'.

Our game places you in the trunks of an unnamed lifeguard who must swing out, gibbon-style, under Brighton's Palace Pier, drop into the water and swim back to the shore, collecting as many of the drunken revellers who have fallen in the sea as possible.

Written in Unity.

Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

iPad (2012) Unity, C#

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This iPad game is played inside a Castle themed ipad case with capacitive toy characters. As with Barnyard, I created some prototype mini games for this before it went on to full production with another team at BigBit. Towards the end I came on to help with polish and bug-fixing.

Little People Apptivity Barnyard

iPad (2012) Unity, C#

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This iPad Game features a custom Barnyard toy case and capacitive toys to play with.
My initial work on this was creating grey-box mini-games themed around farmyard tasks. After entering full production, I worked alongside an expanded team to polish the good ideas and add a couple more.

Apptivity Batman

iOS (2012) Unity, C#

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An iPad game played by using special conductive toys on the screen to control the characters.
Amongst other things, I worked on:

  • Gameplay for final boss level
  • Weapons and upgrades
  • Frontend and in-game shop

Way of the Dogg

(2012) Unity, C#

I worked with Echo Peak as a freelance programmer for one month to create a proof of concept protoype for their first (as yet unanounced) game.
Development was done in Unity.


3DS (2012) C++

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A remake of the original PSP version for the 3DS. Along with most of the original code team I worked on this, with my focus on:

  • Stereoscopic 3D
  • Improving the player input and movement
  • Streetpass design and implementation
  • Porting systems and some graphics routines from the PSP version

Apptivity Hot Wheels

iPad (2012) Unity, C#

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An iPad game for use with special edition capacitive Hot Wheels toy cars. I worked on this post release doing miscellaneous bug fixing for a patch.

Unrelenting Inevitability

Browser (2011) Processing, Java


This was a little game I wrote after I discovered Processing
All art and animations are generated in code.

Shoot zombies and stay alive for as long as possible.

Zumba Fitness 2

Wii (2011) C++

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A game for the international dancercise phenomenon, Zumba Fitness. I worked on a lot of menus and buttons for this one:

  • Frontend
  • Localisation
  • Movement recording for data input

Shark Jug

iOS (2011) Objective C

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A block matching game created by myself simply to learn about programming and publishing on iOS.
I started it because there was no version of "The Same Game" available that quite matched what I wanted - comfortable sized blocks, simple to play and quick to restart.

Holy Moley

XBOX 360 Live Indie Games (2010) XNA C#

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A Multiplayer game where players control Holy Moles and strive to cut off each other's path in 24 obstacle packed levels.

Our first released game as Funbulb, I was the sole programmer on this, along with three artists/designers.


Wii (2010) C++

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In my short time on this project, along with bugfixing, I was tasked with:

  • Localisation
  • Frontend
  • Video Encoding and Playing

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

DS (2010) C++

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I worked for five months at Zoë Mode's sister studio Headstong Games, as a gameplay programmer on this title.
The main focuses of my attention on this project were:

  • Player controls
  • Spell casting and weapons systems.
  • Rapid prototyping of spell conconcting and it's sub-systems


XBOX 360, PS3, PC (2010) XNA, C#

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Chime passed through whilst I was working in The Lab, and changed significantly from an interesting toy into the game that was finally released. As the team was so small I was involved very closely with the designers, mostly working on:

  • Iterating quickly on gameplay and core rules
  • Particle effects
  • Other graphical effects

Disney Sing It: Pop Hits

Wii, PS3, PS2 (2009) C++

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A karaoke game with hit songs from Disney shows and bands.
For this project I was mainly involved in tools and scripts.

  • Build machine maintenance.
  • Game 'playing' tool for auto-testing of incramental builds
  • Creation of scripts to enable any team member to create builds and discs for any of the six SKU's when required.
  • Bug fixing on PS2 and PS3 and Wii.

The Lab (Zoe Mode Internal Prototyping Group)

PC (2009) C++, C#, Lua

A small team of five people, we were given single sentence briefs and tasked with creating and proving ideas within short timeframes, usually ony two weeks.

During this time, we experimented not only with gameplay and presentation ideas, but also with alternative programming languages and APIs, including XNA, SDL and OGRE, FMOD and WWise, we even wrote a Lua scripting interface for a micro-game collection.

Of the five games created during this time, so far only Chime has been publicly announced.

Unreleased Game

XBOX 360, PS3 (2008) C++

For the short period I was involved in this game, I was building upon Rock Revolution's crowd animation system.

  • This time was used as an experiment into the benefits and issues of pair programming.
  • The main improvements of our new system were avatar-object and avatar-avatar interaction.
  • We focued particularly on ease of use for artists, both in external tools and in the in-game editor.

Rock Revolution

XBOX 360, PS3 (2008) C++

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A rhythm action game for Konami USA.
I was involved in the following aspects:

  • Graphical R&D, including shadows, projected images, particles, lasers and research into 3rd party effects tools
  • In game art tools for tweaking and viewing shader and full screen effects
  • Gameplay, front-end and menu programming


PSP (2007) C++

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A puzzle platform game with a small team, meant that I was involved in a wide variety of areas of code, including:

  • Graphics, animation and effects
  • Player input and movement
  • Enemy programmed-intelligence
  • Debug menus and in-game design tools


PSP (Homebrew) (2006) C++

Source | Executable |

Before I was part of the games indusrtry proper, I made this as an exercise in creating a complete game, using the various bits of code I'd been noodling with as I learnt the homebrew PSP APIs.
It was described by a man on the internet as "The best PSP Pong clone out there".

Interacting with Projected Displays

PC (2006) C++, OpenCV

Video | Overview Poster | Abstract (.doc) | Thesis (.doc)

My Final year thesis involved the research, planning and creation of a program to enable users to interact with any projected image using only their fingertips - without the need for any equipment on the screen or user.


PC (2005) C++, OpenGL

Source | Executable |

Started life as a simple Pong clone, but grew into something more like air hockey.

The codebase was rebuilt from The Governor's engine code, slimming it down by taking only the parts necessary and refining the code that was used.

Car Vision Project

PC (2005) C++, OpenCV

An internal Sanyo initiative into researching the use of video cameras to augment and assist a drivers vision in consumer cars.

I was involved in stitching images together to create real-time panoramas to increase the field of view visible to the driver.

Open CV Beginners Tutorial

PC (2005)


The projects I was involved in at Sanyo used the Open Source Computer Vision library "Open CV". At the time OpenCV, whilst powerful, did not have any examples aimed at getting an absolute beginner to the hardware side of computer vison started and ready to go.

To remedy this I put together a step-by-step tutorial to create a windows application ready for the new user to slot in their actual vision routines without having to learn too much about the various technologies involved in getting the image from the camera into memory and onto the screen.

With the release of newer versions of both OpenCV and Visual Studio, this tutorial has been superseded by new ones from other people, but I've kept it available here for anyone that needs it.

Automated Security Camera

PC (2004) C++, OpenCV

A project to create a controller and interface for a ceiling mounted camera with 360°x90° movement.

By the end of the project the camera would automatically scan a room to begin, and then continuously monitor it. The program would focusing on and bring the operators attention to any areas that had significantly changed.
The project led on to the presentation of the paper, “Adaptive Quad-trees for Event Detection at Multiple Resolutions”, at QCAV (The International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision) 2005, Japan.

The Governor

PC (2004) C++, OpenGL

Source | Executable |

Written as a group project, from design to prototype, with 5 others, we focused on creating an API independent engine, this version contains only the OpenGL renderer, but a DirectX version was added after the project deadline.

The other members of the team took the engine on to success, winning in the 2004 Dare To Be Digital Competition, with their game, "Pixie Dust".

Components completed by myself are:
Camera (including spring based movement), Particle Engine, Level Editor, AI, Other Gameplay code


PlayStation Net Yaroze (2004) C

Video | Executable |

Written to demostrate the 3D APIs of the PlayStation.

You play a purple cube which must roll around the playfield, flipping the ground tiles over (from green to red and back), with the aim of restoring them all to green. The basics are similar to a Lights Out game, but the gameplay is quite different.

Terrain Demo

PC (2004) C++

Source | Executable |

A program to generate and deform terrain in realtime, using different methods. Written as part of a class looking into more advanced OpenGL and 3D techniques.

DirectX Demo

PC (2004) C++

Source | Executable |

This was written to learn the differences between OpenGL and DirectX, and to gain some more insight into the latter.

Unfortunately the final version has been lost, and so the version presented here is perhaps 1 or 2 refinements prior to completion, Everything works, but it lacks the polish of the final piece.

Action Afro PJ

PlayStation Net Yaroze (2003) C

Video |