Personal Projects


Outside of work I sometimes create things just for fun. If these don't conflict with my current work, I'll upload and catalogue them right here.

Some of the projects on this page are very old, some even from before I went to University. I've included them here as I think it's interesting to have as complete a history as I can.

Pier Pressure

Browser (2012) Unity, C#


Made with two friends for the dotBrighton weekend Game Jam as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. The theme for the jam was 'The Sea'.

Our game places you in the trunks of an unnamed lifeguard who must swing out, gibbon-style, under Brighton's Palace Pier, drop into the water and swim back to the shore, collecting as many of the drunken revellers who have fallen in the sea as possible.

Written in Unity.

Unrelenting Inevitability

Browser (2011) Processing, Java


This was a little game I wrote after I discovered Processing
All art and animations are generated in code.

Shoot zombies and stay alive for as long as possible.


PSP (Homebrew) (2006) C++

Source | Executable |

Before I was part of the games indusrtry proper, I made this as an exercise in creating a complete game, using the various bits of code I'd been noodling with as I learnt the homebrew PSP APIs.
It was described by a man on the internet as "The best PSP Pong clone out there".


Unreal Tournament (2001) UnrealEd