I originally was hired at BigBit whilst freelancing for a short contract prototyping new ideas for the Fisher Price Barnyard and Fortress games. During that time I also helped out finishing the Apptivity Batman game.

After a short time away, working on other freelance projects, I was invited back to prototype another, larger game (also sadly unreleased), and to stay on as a full-time employee.


PC (2013) Unity, C#

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A prototype of a platforming / driving game where you take a dune-buggy up the moving, physical terrain of a giant robot's skeleton as it stomps across the land.

I worked on this prototype mostly alone for around two months, creating a great-feeling responsive control system and testing out ideas for puzzles and challenges. for the third and final month, a team of three artists stepped in to skin the vehicle, environment and add VFX to make the whole thing look fantastic.

Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

iPad (2012) Unity, C#

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This iPad game is played inside a Castle themed ipad case with capacitive toy characters. As with Barnyard, I created some prototype mini games for this before it went on to full production with another team at BigBit. Towards the end I came on to help with polish and bug-fixing.

Little People Apptivity Barnyard

iPad (2012) Unity, C#

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This iPad Game features a custom Barnyard toy case and capacitive toys to play with.
My initial work on this was creating grey-box mini-games themed around farmyard tasks. After entering full production, I worked alongside an expanded team to polish the good ideas and add a couple more.

Apptivity Batman

iOS (2012) Unity, C#

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An iPad game played by using special conductive toys on the screen to control the characters.
Amongst other things, I worked on:

  • Gameplay for final boss level
  • Weapons and upgrades
  • Frontend and in-game shop

Apptivity Hot Wheels

iPad (2012) Unity, C#

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An iPad game for use with special edition capacitive Hot Wheels toy cars. I worked on this post release doing miscellaneous bug fixing for a patch.