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the exciting diary of steven freeman
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wednesday 1st may 2001
chris finally came down to see me, i'm still in the dark art room, which i hate, in case you care.
sunday 5th november 2000
i think that chris deserves of a big round of applause for his speed. today he managed to get the photo's of the kiness gig. i never got out of the art room on friday for the dominate gig(surprised? no, neither was i) so i sat in the dark again, i could hear the music and it sounded about as good as it could considering it had to pass through about 3 walls(and the dark) to reach me. good music + the fact that again i wasn't there gives it this review: bad but not rubbish, actually now that i think about it: bad. look at the pictures now.
tuesday 17th october 2000
since the kinness gig i have been stuck in the art room in the key, alone. i don't like it in here any more, the lights keep getting turned off and people come in and dress me in stupid clothes. i could hear music the other night it must have been the fetish gig it sounded alright from where i was, but no one came and took me up to see it and for that reason alone i will review it as bad, it must have been because i wasn't there to make it a good time.
friday 18th august 2000
today was pretty exciting, chris found me a pair of trousers(black) and helped me get them on, he had to take my leg off though but once he put it back on i thought i looked pretty nice. we were going to the kiness/useful idiot gig so i had my goatee and eye spikes re-drawn as they had gone a bit blue. i spent most of the day in the cupboard. pj came round at about 18:30, helped me put my shoes on and then we left, chris took a picture of me and pj standing in the porch. i borrowed chris' skateboard and skated to the key. on the way we saw two people standing in the street, a jogger, some short people on roller blades, chris' brother on a bike and a couple of old ladies. at the chip shop pj bought me some chips(lots of salt and vinegar) on the way through the shopping mall an old guy kept trying to talk to us but i ignored him, chris and pj said 'yeah' to him a lot although i dont think they knew what he was saying.

me and pj

me, pj and a jogger

when we got to the key crawford and paul attacked me and knocked me off the skateboard. crawford was going to try and jump over me on his skateboard but he just hit me and knocked me over again, i broke my elbow and twisted my wrist. i think i might kill everyone who laughed at me, just to see if they think it's funny. i probably won't though.
i almost didn't get in as the doorperson thought i was drunk, inside i met a lot of new people. alan from useful idiot asked me to go on the stage with them, stu gave me his hat and someones shades, i stood behind the bass amp and danced.this is my review of the gig: it was good.