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7th july 2001


our plan to go national has met with phenomonal success, so much so that arranging auditions for all the bands from throughout the contry will be extremely difficult. if you can, send us a demo tape/cd/md, with a short bit about your band in a covering letter. this way we can whittle down the bands more efficiently.
If your music impresses us, then you will be invited for a live audition at a later date. details for sending your demo to can be found here.

exhibit a

sit on the floor have a display board up at an exhibition of music in motherwell heritage centre.


2nd may 2001


due to demand sit on the floor will now be auditioning bands from all over scotland for the cd, so now you can try for the cd even if you come from outside south lanarkshire. that is all the news for today.


25th april 2001

time for tv

sit on the floor have been asked by tv company lanarkshire tv for an interview, which will be recorded sometime at the key.

terry jones, of monty python fame has now joined ben elton and chris evans in giving us his support.


7th april 2001

he's ginger

chris evans .

you are special

Auditions for the CD will be being held on 10th and 17th of april 2001. so why don't you all come on down to the key and make a voting contribution. Yes even all those people who have nothing to do with sit on the floor or bands or music can come and make a pointless contribution (cause we all know victoria just picks who she likes disregarding the other peoples votes) but you can but try!!

chris / pj

old news


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